Our key services

Environmental assessment and approvals

This includes:

> Environmental impact statements (EIS)
> Assessments under state & Commonwealth legislation
> Environmental licences & permits
> Statement of environmental effects
> Available nationally

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Planning services

This includes:

> Urban & regional planning (Such as strategic & statutory plans)
> Transport planning (Such as transport planning & traffic engineering)
> Social planning (Such as social impact research & strategy)

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Environmental management and compliance

This includes:

> Environmental management & monitoring plans
> On-site support via secondments
> Independent environmental audits
> Environmental licence & permit applications

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Specialist services

This includes:

> Aboriginal & historical heritage
> Acoustics
> Closure, rehabilitation & soils
> Ecology
> Spatial solutions
> Groundwater & surface water
> Contaminated land assessment
> Air quality

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News and Insights

Our projects

Fingerboards Mineral
Sands Project

EMM are engaged to undertake the groundwater impact assessment of the proposed Fingerboards Mineral Sands…

WestConnex M4 East Water
Monitoring and Assessment

The M4 East is the first underground section of Sydney’s new WestConnex motorway system. It will connect to the widened M4 and extend it…

Limondale, Hillston and
Hay Sun Farms

EMM has a successful track record with recent SSD solar farm projects in NSW. EMM has a successful track record with recent SSD solar…

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