Careers and Culture

At EMM, we talk about purpose, not ‘work'

Getting out of bed for a purpose is so much easier than getting out of bed for work and at EMM we want to create an environment where our people bounce out of bed.

Creating opportunities is our company purpose. Translating our purpose into day-to-day experience and career growth for individuals is the opportunity and challenge faced by every business invested in their people. 

Idealistic?... Yes!
Focused?... Absolutely!

Whether you bounce, roll or fall out of bed, we want you to get joy out of your work. We want to help you create your own path so you can bring your best self to every day and find your new work home. A place where you can belong, and connect, and thrive. Check out our values and Life@EMM to build your understanding of how we do it. 

We think we are different. In some ways we are different because of what we offer you. In many ways we are different because of how we offer it. 

EMM is our people

We are committed to providing a work environment where teamwork is pivotal, diversity is embraced, and employees are promoted, rewarded and celebrated for their strengths. Hear what this looks and feels like at EMM from Francine Manansala.

The People and Culture make EMM

"I joined EMM for the interesting and complex project work we do right across Australia and for the highly experienced team, but I stay for the people and culture. The team atmosphere that we have and the national model works like a dream and it has meant that I have been able to get experience here that I wouldn’t have been able to get elsewhere."

- Harrison Callen, Water Resources Engineer