The effective management of noise impacts leads to positive outcomes for all stakeholders; residents and other noise-sensitive receptors, proponents and regulators

This requires a thorough understanding of the science of sound, regulatory requirements and the needs and expectations of both the proponent’s and potentially affected communities. Our team have strong, established relationships with our clients who seek out our trusted advice, and with government agencies who respect our technical excellence and pragmatic, holistic, professional approach. 

How we assist

We provide acoustic consulting services for the full project life cycle. This includes masterplan and concept design input, preparation of approval documents, post approval design development, commissioning and project handover, and ongoing support into the project operations phase.

Our services:     
  • Masterplan design input
  • Operational noise and vibration impact assessment
  • Noise control design
  • Blasting assessment
  • Construction noise and vibration assessment and management
  • Noise and vibration management and monitoring plans
  • Sound power level testing
  • Real time attended and unattended noise and vibration monitoring
  • Architectural and building acoustic design
  • Custom tool and software development
  • Noise training
  • Independent noise audits and technical peer reviews
  • Expert witness

EMM are advancing the science of acoustics to improve the prediction, assessment and control of noise through positive relationships with our clients, regulators and peers.

On many projects, our role goes beyond that of a simple service provider: we partner with our clients – we consider their projects as our own, develop a deep understanding of the project drivers and treat their budgets with respect.


Labelled as ‘gamechanger’ by construction clients, Noisecheck is a fast and reliable online noise prediction tool.  Created and coded by Technical Lead Daniel Weston, the visual online tool provides construction project managers control and accuracy over assessing and managing noise impacts — without needing an acoustic consultant onsite.


To find out more about Noisecheck and book a free demo click here.


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