Asset Transition

Effective transition planning is not just about identifying new uses for an asset

As assets reach the end of their productive lifespan, the successful transition of a site to a new future land use can increase the asset value, significantly reduce the cost to decommission and rehabilitate a site and provide sustainable future land uses.

Drivers of asset transition and decommissioning include the global transition to renewable energy power generation, diminished demand for carbon fuels, and the depletion of a mine’s viable resources. Understanding the complex nature of transition planning and its role in gaining community and regulatory sign-off and securing the acceptance of the post closure scenario is vital.

Effective transition planning is not just about identifying new uses for an asset - it also involves navigating complex regulatory and community processes to secure buy-in for post-closure. This can include engaging with stakeholders, addressing environmental concerns, and developing strategies to mitigate any potential risks associated with the decommissioning process. By taking a proactive approach to asset transition and decommissioning, organisations can maximize the value of their assets, minimize costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How we assist

EMM can provide a complete asset transition and closure planning service including strategic and land use planning services, statutory and community engagement and reporting, and detailed planning for decommissioning and site rehabilitation.

Strategic Asset Transition Services:
  • Strategic planning review and future land use options analysis
  • Rezoning and approval strategies
  • Social assessment and performance
  • Communication and community engagement
  • Local and state government agency engagement
  • Due diligence assessments
Detailed Closure Planning:
  • Detailed site closure plans including objectives, domains and completion criteria
  • Risk assessments, monitoring programs and management plans
  • Closure cost estimates for corporate provisioning and statutory bonds
  • Closure audits
In-house technical expertise:
  • Groundwater modelling and impact assessments
  • Mine void water quality modelling
  • Geochemical and Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) assessment
  • Seepage testing and contaminant transportation modelling
  • Surface water and flood modelling
  • Contaminated site investigation, assessment and reporting
  • Ecological services including aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology
  • Biodiversity monitoring and management
Site rehabilitation:
  • Soil science, amelioration, and erosion specialist advice
  • Preparation of statutory plans – (RMP, MCP, PEPR, PRCP)
  • Rehabilitation monitoring, auditing and relinquishment reporting

We offer a comprehensive asset transition, closure planning, and site rehabilitation practice aligned with international guidelines.

Our team is supported by an unparalleled range of in-house specialists with real-world ‘on the ground’ experience to provide practical solutions to complex technical issues.


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