Transport Engineering and Planning

Integrating transport engineering and planning for sustainable and safe communities

By integrating traffic engineering and transport planning principles into project design and execution, we can optimise transportation infrastructure and enhance mobility, safety, and sustainability, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of life for the communities we serve.

Transportation services and traffic management play a vital role in the success of any development project, and the impact of traffic can pose significant challenges. Our team delivers solutions while minimising traffic-related issues and impacts.

How we assist

Our team are leaders in traffic engineering and strategic transport planning and analysis, servicing projects locally and internationally. With a comprehensive understanding of all Australian traffic engineering codes, guidelines, and local government development and planning standards, we are able to provide our clients with practical, scientifically sound, and technically robust outcomes.

Our services:
  • Road and public transport network modelling and traffic impact assessments
  • Construction traffic management and control plans
  • Car park design assessments
  • Loading dock management plans and end of trip facilities (EOTF)
  • Active transport planning (eg bike plan, PAMP)
  • Transit orientated development and value capture
  • Transport planning and traffic engineering
  • Urban planning and master planning
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Sustainability, climate change adaption and mitigation
  • Environmental assessment and management plans
  • Traffic infrastructure project approvals and delivery
  • Topographic survey and detailed design
  • Cost estimating of traffic infrastructure
  • Independent project verification and review
  • Representation to Land and Environment Court  

Our depth of experience, technical capabilities and track record means we create and deliver innovative solutions to meet individual project needs. 

We bring expertise in road network and public transport planning, traffic engineering assessments, road safety, pedestrian and cycle planning and road pavement engineering.


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