Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change

Climate change is one of our biggest environmental hazards, and presents many interrelated challenges to human health, ecosystems and economies

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and adapting to the changing climate, represent major challenges for our clients. Companies and organisations have recognised the need to plan for the future, to secure the longevity of their operations, and to ensure environmental sustainability. We help our clients to navigate through climate change impact science and evolving regulatory requirements, and to adapt and design their projects to withstand these changes.

How we assist

Our team has extensive experience in greenhouse gas quantification for a range of industries and processes. We have assisted many clients in developing greenhouse gas mitigation plans, with review against international best practice.

We specialise in climate change risk assessment and adaptation, and work closely with our clients to develop plans that will help them safeguard both their project’s operations and the surrounding environment. We also provide advice to our clients on their obligations under greenhouse gas and climate change regulations.

Our services:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions estimation
  • Greenhouse gas management plans and best practice management review
  • Climate change risk assessment
  • Advice on changes to policy and regulations (e.g. the Safeguard Mechanism and transition risks)

We work with our clients to create greenhouse gas and climate change management strategies that are specific to their project and their needs.

We understand that no two projects are the same and that each one deserves a unique understanding of what success means. We take the time to consider what is most important to our clients, and how we can best use our skills and experience to reach the best outcomes..


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