Australia’s energy sector is going through a transition unlike anything that has been experienced before

AEMO calls it the “world’s fastest energy transition”. This will require the rapid development of solar farms, wind farms (onshore and offshore), battery projects, pumped hydro and critically, transmission lines. The speed of this transition is a significant challenge as renewable developers and Government agencies focus on executing their capital works programs at pace to meet the needs of the community and the energy system.

The rapid rollout of these projects will create significant change in the landscape in some areas, threatening traditional community expectations and generating concern and opposition amongst affected regional communities. Gaining and maintaining social licence to operate will require concerted effort and investment by both Government and the industry.

The increasing focus on managing impacts on biodiversity with offsets is also having serious impacts. Previously considered insignificant, the cost of biodiversity impacts can now run into the millions of dollars and destroy the feasibility of a project. Careful site selection, risk assessment, and micro siting can assist to manage these costs.

How we assist

Our team have worked extensively across the energy generation market identifying opportunities and proactively managing the challenges faced by organisations in the energy transition.  From the early phases of building a business case and understanding the feasibility of projects, we help clients identify environmental constraints and opportunities as well as establish planning approval strategies which enable projects to be developed on time and budget and within their environmental and social context.

We work alongside our clients to obtain the necessary approvals and monitor, systematise and improve their environmental management efforts. This includes measuring effectiveness and contingency planning for unpredicted impacts and consequences.

We help our clients to:
  • Identify suitable sites and potential constraints
  • Develop an approvals strategy and facilitate government liaison
  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement activities
  • Prepare environmental assessments and development applications
  • Coordinate environmental management strategies and deliver post approvals support
  • Provide ongoing support during construction and operations
  • Pumped Hydro
  • Wind Farms (onshore and offshore)
  • Solar Farms
  • Battery Energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Transmission Lines and Pipelines
  • Closure of Thermal Power Stations
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Fantastic performance by EMM throughout the project. It’s been a long journey since those first surveys with the quality of work at an exceptional level. We value and appreciate your input and advice, positive management of subconsultants, stakeholders, landowners etc. The team have been a great support and we look forward to working with EMM again soon.

- Ark Energy


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