Epping Aquatic Centre

The City of Parramatta Council is investing $26.88 million in upgrading the Epping Aquatic Centre to address evolving community requirements.

City of Parramatta | Parramatta, NSW

Project overview

As the Epping Aquatic Centre undergoes this strategic upgrade, the City of Parramatta Council aims to retaining its existing bushland setting and heritage significance whilst creating a facility that meets current community needs and aligns with practical and sustainable considerations.

Key upgrades include the construction of a new amenities building with a reception area and family-friendly change facilities. Prioritising accessibility, the project introduces a level walkway, lifts, a formal stairwell, and accessible bathrooms for enhanced usability. Significant improvements are planned for the aquatic facilities, focusing on upgrading the filtration system for effective water quality management and temperature control. The 50m outdoor pool will be retained and upgraded, accompanied by the addition of a new 20m indoor pool. The shallow pools will be refurbished to create a contemporary family waterplay area.

Our involvement
EMM's involvement in the Epping Aquatic Centre upgrade project included Aboriginal heritage, historical archaeology, built heritage, and social impact assessments to accompany the Development Application.

For the Aboriginal heritage component, EMM conducted a Due Diligence Assessment following the Due Diligence Code of Practice for the Protection of Aboriginal Objects in NSW. An on-site inspection, led by an EMM archaeologist, validated the findings, and a due diligence report was prepared.

The historical heritage scope entailed reviewing a previous Preliminary Heritage Assessment, conducting a site inspection, assessing historical significance, and preparing a built heritage Statement of Heritage Impact (SoHI). Additionally, an historical archaeological assessment was undertaken to evaluate the site's potential to retain archaeological relics.

The heritage reports have determined that the likelihood of significant impacts on Aboriginal or historical archaeology is low. While there may be some impacts on built heritage and the surrounding bushland setting, these can be mitigated and offset by the positive benefits the project brings to the community.

In parallel, EMM adhered to the Parramatta City Council Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Guideline and prepared a SIA. This included a detailed analysis of the proposed development, pre-change demographics, key stakeholders, consultation processes, and an evaluation of probable impacts on various aspects. The methodology involved identifying the social locality, creating a community profile, mapping social infrastructure, engaging key stakeholders, and assessing impacts and benefits. The deliverables included a Social Impact Statement (SIS) Report, incorporating the social baseline, a risk assessment, and mitigation strategies.

Our proficiency in navigating the local development landscape demonstrates EMM is a reliable and experienced partner. The delivered reports underscored EMM's commitment to providing insights into Aboriginal heritage, historical archaeology, built heritage, and social impact assessments, ensuring a thorough understanding of potential impacts and benefits associated with the project.
Technical solutions
  • Historic Heritage, encompassing both Historic Archaeology and Built Heritage
  • Aboriginal Heritage
  • Social Assessment and Performance