Water Policy, Planning and Governance

Sustainable water management poses a complex challenge for all stakeholders involved

We work in partnership with our clients to navigate and solve difficulties in strategic planning for water resources, anticipating future water security, complying with regulations and obtaining licenses for water usage and assessing various water supply options for your project. Our experience allows us to effectively engage with regulatory bodies to streamline approvals and ensure compliance.

How we assist

Our team are recognised experts in developing and navigating water policy, regulation, and licensing frameworks. We are also water scientists and engineers with experience across the government, energy, infrastructure, mining, irrigation, and community sectors. We have deep technical knowledge and collaborate across EMM to draw on the collective experience that intersects with water regulation and governance such as heritage, environmental, and land management disciplines. This is why our clients see us as their business partner, trusted strategic advisor, and leaders in solving complex problems where there is often no map.

Our services:
  • Water legislation, regulation, and policy reform
  • Strategic water planning, including development and implementation of water sharing or allocation plans
  • Developing approval pathways for water supply and licensing
  • Water supply options assessments
  • Analysis of local water entitlement and trading frameworks
  • Regulatory engagement for win-win outcomes on approvals and compliance.

Navigating water policy, regulation, and licensing frameworks to solve complex problems.

We partner with our clients to first understand their challenges, then develop solutions that are practical, fit-for-purpose and innovative. We navigate and simplify the complicated, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business and community.


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