Career highlight: Simony Yumi Yaginuma Sakamoto

 We're thrilled to announce that EMM has received an honourable mention in StudyAdelaide's International Student Employer of the Year awards.

This recognition emphasises the company’s commitment to fostering an environment that not only prioritises personal and professional growth but also provides support to employees, bolstering their confidence and laying the foundation for continued success.

Simony's Story

We are especially proud to have been nominated by Senior Environmental Scientist and Flinders University graduate, Simony Yumi Yaginuma Sakamoto.

Simony's story is one of perseverance, commitment, and academic excellence.

In 2022, Simony made the significant decision to relocate to Australia to pursue her Graduate Diploma at Flinders University. With ten years’ experience in the field of contaminated land, Simony not only dedicated herself to full-time studies but concurrently worked in casual employment at EMM.

In September 2023 Simony graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Science (Groundwater Hydrology) from Flinders University and was also the recipient of a Chancellor’s letter of commendation which is awarded to students in an undergraduate course who achieve ‘outstanding’ academic excellence. This accomplishment adds to her already impressive academic background, holding a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) (Hons) from Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, in 2011.

Finding the balance between full-time study while also working is a challenge that many face, but Simony has not only navigated this delicate balance but has excelled in both fields. Simony comments, “Working at EMM allowed me to actively participate in projects that aligned with my academic aspirations. I was able to work alongside amazing professionals that not only provided me with role models but also set high standards for responsible environmental practices and technical excellence to guide my professional growth”.

We extend our congratulations to Simony for her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to technical excellence. We are proud to have been nominated as part of these awards but more importantly, part of Simony’s career journey.


Simony Headshot 

Simony Yumi Yaginuma Sakamoto
Senior Environmental Scientist