Air Quality

The growth in population and energy demand is placing increasing pressure on the natural and built environment, and air quality is an important indicator

For many developments, air pollutant emissions and the associated impacts on human health can be significant issues. The subsequent pressure to inform communities and regulatory agencies with clear and concise information on potential air quality impacts has never been greater. We use robust science, the latest generation data analysis tools and effective presentation techniques to explain complex concepts across a range of media, from our technical reports to discussions with regulators and community consultations.

How we assist

We are specialists in pollutant emissions estimation, atmospheric dispersion modelling, policy development, air quality monitoring and greenhouse gas quantification. The team has completed a variety of projects, including regional modelling assessments and emissions/air policy research, regulation and policy.

In addition to ambient air quality issues, EMM’s air quality team has extensive experience in greenhouse gas quantification and management projects for a range of industries and processes.

Our services:
  • Emission modelling and inventories
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Meteorological modelling
  • Air quality and meteorological data analysis
  • Air quality impact assessment
  • Odour assessment
  • Construction impact assessment
  • Greenhouse gas assessments
  • Monitoring network design
  • Expert witness and review services
  • Air quality monitoring and management plans
  • Best practice emissions management review
  • Studies to support regulation and policy

We identify and optimise air quality management practices using a combination of emission quantification, dispersion modelling and ambient monitoring techniques.

Using the latest generation data analysis tools, we unlock the key details from large and complicated monitoring datasets to provide clear and concise information on potential air quality impacts.


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