Environmental Planning and Approvals

From the early phases of building a business case and understanding the feasibility of projects, we help clients identify environmental constraints and opportunities and establish planning approval strategies and pathways to enable their projects to develop within their environmental and social context

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process used to identify and evaluate the potential impacts and benefits of a development on the environment and community, including both the biophysical and socio-economic aspects. The primary objective of an EIA is to identify potential environmental risks and to recommend measures to mitigate and/or minimise those risks, which can include changes to the project design to avoid or minimise impacts upfront, and/or measures to minimise and manage the residual, unavoidable impacts. The process typically involves a range of stakeholders, including the project proponent, government agencies, affected communities, and environmental and social science experts.

How we assist

Our experience and success on high profile resource, renewable energy, transport and infrastructure projects has been underpinned by our innovative approach to the approvals strategy, cumulative assessments and communication of complex scientific matters. We believe investment in our innovative technology, communication tools and strategies helps projects achieve their social licence to operate.

Our services:
  • Strategic planning and environmental approvals advice
  • Environmental assessments under State and Commonwealth legislation
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Project management
  • In-house secondments to manage early phase environmental investigations, approvals processes and deliver projects on behalf of clients
  • Independent environmental audits, environmental compliance reporting and due diligence
  • In-house technical specialists, which include Aboriginal and cultural heritage, air quality and greenhouse gas, contaminated land, historic heritage, hydrology, hydrogeology, noise and vibration, social impact assessment, soil science, spatial solutions and data management, traffic and transport, visual assessments and landscape design.


We bring innovative approaches to approvals strategy, impact assessment, cumulative assessments, as well as the communication of complex scientific matters.

We tailor our EIA approach to the specific needs of the client and the demands of the project. Our team establishes constructive and integrated relationships with our clients, built on professionalism, integrity and responsiveness. This approach allows us to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.

Digital platforms are increasingly being used to present scientific and technical information related to environmental impact statements.

The ability to incorporate visual communication tools such as maps, diagrams, and interactive graphics, enables complex information to become more accessible and easier to understand. First developed by EMM in 2018 to present the Snowy Hydro 2.0 Exploratory Works and Main Works Environmental Impact Statements, the platform was built for the sole purpose of creating opportunities for greater stakeholder engagement.

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