Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging as defined at EMM

Diversity refers to the mix of people in our organisation. EMM considers diversity to broadly cover the wide variety of age, gender, physical and mental abilities and differences, nationality, cultural background and ethnicity, marital, family or relationship status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity. The definition also extends to include diversity of thought and personality.

Inclusion is focused on getting that unique diversity mix to work. It is about creating a workplace where you feel safe to talk, and share, and ‘be’. Genuine inclusion takes the strain off you contemplating, ‘who do people want me to be today?’ There is no requirement, need or feeling to pretend to fit another person’s view of the world. You feel a sense of Belonging because you are valued, respected, accepted and embraced. And if you change along the way whilst on the bus with EMM, we all accept and help celebrate that change.

Inclusion feels good. Inclusion fosters belonging. Inclusion and belonging translates into doing good. Doing good, meets our individual and collective purpose - Creating Opportunities.

With a steadfast commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging in our workplace culture, we are pleased to present our Employer Statement alongside our Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) report. This is the first year that WGEA are publishing employer reports with the purpose of continuing to drive conversation and demonstrable action in relation to gender equality in our society and workplaces.

EMM has been on a continual journey to be leaders in our industry in relation to diversity and inclusion and our progress continues with our pay gap being well below industry comparisons for the 2022-2023 reporting period. As we strive for greater balance and following the submission of our 2023 data, we have taken further strides in our journey. Our employer statement shares our CEO’s perspective, our EMM story and our next priorities.

Why is Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging important to EMM?

Unleashing our potential requires diversity of thought and curiosity. Diversity of thought stems from the diversity of people in our organisation. The potential of that diversity is only unleashed when we create an environment of inclusion, an environment where it is safe to speak up and be vulnerable.  It is through valuing and seeking our different perspectives that we find the best and most engaging path to foster a culture of innovation and creative thinking. This is how we leverage from each other to elevate our thinking and in doing so, we deliver greater value for our people, our clients and our community. Our DI&B priorities are developed with both an inward and outward looking focus – look after and cherish those of us that are here and seek and embrace diversity in those we welcome to the team.  With these foundations, EMM creates an inclusive culture where our people thrive, belong, and realise opportunities.