Waste and Resource Recovery

Challenges and opportunities in sustainable waste management

Australia’s waste sector is growing rapidly, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently noting that the amount of solid waste generated increased by 10% over two years. As more waste is produced, recycling has become a key solution for managing it. Currently, over half of that material is sent for recycling, putting increasing demand on existing waste and recycling facilities and driving market interest in new technologies and opportunities to evolve. The challenge is to ensure that facilities have the capacity to manage the growing amounts of waste while still maintaining high levels of safety and environmental sustainability.

The need for effective waste management practices has never been more pressing, and it is crucial that businesses and individuals alike take steps to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Through innovation and collaboration, Australia can build a more resilient and sustainable waste management system that can serve as a model for the rest of the world.

How we assist

Our team have significant experience in the provision of environmental consultancy services to the waste sector, including resource recovery and energy from waste projects. We can assist clients with the entire lifecycle of a project, spanning early due diligence and project advice to post-approvals tasks such as environmental audits and management plans.

 We help our clients to:
  • Assess feasibility of potential projects, including business case development
  • Develop an approvals strategy and facilitate government liaison
  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement activities
  • Prepare environmental assessments and development application
  • Provide post-approval plans and support during construction and operations
  • Undertake compliance audits and assessments
  • Waste transport
  • Recovery and reuse
  • Waste treatment
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