Support for a Voice to Parliament

 This statement has been endorsed by the EMM Board of Directors. We have consulted with some of our team and sought to educate ourselves as a Board. The EMM Board support constitutional change.


We, the EMM Board, firmly endorse the core principles and objectives outlined in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

All members of our Board support the proposed alteration of the Constitution to formally recognise the First Peoples of Australia through the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

The EMM approach to reconciliation is founded on an intentional pursuit of continual learning, respect, active listening, and acknowledging the challenges faced by First Australians. EMM people have a drive to actively help, and we realise that internalising the concept of respect and listening are critical to get the actions right.

CEO, Liz Webb emphasized the company’s focus on developing a growth mindset and embracing diversity as a strength.

“Reconciliation is a combination of understanding and action. Our role is to challenge racist belief systems and processes so that First Nations people have more equity in opportunities now and into the future. At EMM this means we need to acknowledge our individual privilege and embrace being uncomfortable with that privilege, because only then can we be open to learn. We need to educate ourselves and find new ways to partner, listen, support, embrace and engage with First Nations ideals, people, customs, and businesses.”

We acknowledge the diversity of perspectives that will inevitably surround this referendum, including those from within our team. Our commitment to inclusivity respects each individual's stance in this matter and we value the freedom of our democratic society in this regard.

The EMM Board’s dedication to upholding the spirit and intent of the Uluru Statement from the Heart remains steadfast, regardless of the referendum's outcome.

We will continue to intentionally create an environment of curiosity, learning and compassion and we are committed to changing processes and procedures to ensure they proactively include and promote diversity and inclusion.


EMM Board of Directors: Liz Webb, Duncan Peake, Nicole Armit, Paul Gibbons, Brett McLennan, Najah Ishac, Luke Stewart, Christy Boyce, Mark Elliott, Gary Flowers.

Learn more about the upcoming referendum at:
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