Australia is home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, with more species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians than up to 95% of other countries on Earth

Many species and ecological communities are listed as threatened where action is needed to address their decline. Threatened biodiversity is protected in Australia by state, territory and Commonwealth legislation. Navigating development assessment pathways and understanding the interactions, risks and pitfalls of current biodiversity policy and legislation can be confusing. Working collaboratively with regulators and providing the right information at the right time is critical to meeting approval timeframes. We also understand the difficulties our clients face when trying to find a suitable offset site or the right type of credits to offset development impacts in an everchanging policy landscape.

How we assist

Our team of biodiversity experts assess, manage and monitor terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna. Led by highly proficient project managers and ecologists who have a thorough understanding of state and Commonwealth biodiversity legislation, we understand the practical steps required to gain approvals and strong working relationships with state and Commonwealth regulators.

Our practitioners are industry leaders and have extensive experience and expertise in biodiversity offsets and have influenced the development of offset policy. Our team are sought out by regulators for feedback and we have also developed innovative spatial tools for our clients to identify and prioritise offset sites. We have developed strong practical knowledge of both state and Commonwealth offset schemes through our daily application of biodiversity policy to numerous offset and development sites.

Our services:
  • Biodiversity constraints assessment
  • Aquatic ecology assessments
  • Bushfire assessments
  • Groundwater-dependent ecosystem surveys and impact assessment
  • Vegetation mapping and floristic plots
  • High risk trigger mapping protected plant surveys
  • Targeted threatened flora and fauna surveys
  • Threatened species habitat assessment and habitat modelling
  • Biodiversity offset credit and cost calculations
  • Biodiversity development assessment
  • Environmental Offset Strategies
  • Independent peer review
  • Fauna-sensitive road design
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Biodiversity management plans
  • Offset management plans
  • Offset monitoring and reporting
  • Pre-clearance ecological surveys
  • Threatened species population and mitigation structure monitoring 

Our ecology team provides high-quality, practical advice to tackle complex biodiversity issues.

Our approach focuses on de-risking the approvals process through our in-depth understanding of policy and legislation gained through working on Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects. We also provide tailored biodiversity monitoring and management services to source and establish offset sites, to meet your post-approval biodiversity needs.


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