Texada Exploration Project

The Texada Quarry is located in Gillies Bay on Texada Island in British Columbia. The large active limestone quarry has an average output of four mtpa and shares the same location as the underground skarn deposit which was in operation as an iron ore mine between 1883 and 1976.

Zyrox Mining Company Ltd. | Gillies Bay, Texada Island, British Columbia, Canada

Project overview
Zyrox Mining Company Ltd. (Zyrox) is in the early stages of the Texada exploration project. Zyrox is proposing a bulk ore sample which entails the extraction of 10,000 tonnes of ore. The bulk sampling exploration is to investigate the metallurgical properties of the ore body, extractive milling methods, mill equipment, and potential markets. To advance the exploration project, a joint permit application with the Ministry of Energy Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy will likely be required.

Our involvement
The EMM team was engaged by Zyrox to undertake specialist technical studies in support of the joint permit application including;

  • geochemical characterization and waste rock management planning;
  • ARD/ML mitigation investigation;
  • support with closure planning and contingency;
  • calculation of source terms from kinetic data; and
  • preliminary facility modelling to determine seepage water quality.

  • Our highly skilled geochemists and water quality modelers produced a number of water quality model options and simulation of various scenarios. This provided the regulators with confidence that appropriate effort had been expended to assess the different mitigation options.

    Technical solutions
    • Environmental Planning and Approvals
    • Geochemistry
    • Groundwater