Bellambi Heights Renewable Project

The Bellambi Heights Renewable Project owned by Vena Energy, is located just outside of Beryl, approximately 6.5 km north-west of Gulgong New South Wales, within the Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

Vena Energy | New South Wales

Project overview
Vena Energy Australia’s proposed Bellambi Heights Renewable Project (BHRP) includes a 200 megawatt (MW) solar farm and 200 MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The BHRP solar farm will generate the equivalent of approximately 400 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy annually, which is enough to power approximately 92,000 homes. The BESS will have two hours of storage capacity, which is equivalent of powering approximately 161,000 homes annually. The project incorporates a switchyard which will be operated by Transgrid and will connect to the existing Wellington-to-Wollar 330 kV transmission line.

Our involvement
In 2021, EMM was engaged to prepare the scoping report for the project and in 2022, were engaged to prepare the environmental impact statement (EIS) including various technical assessments. The EMM Communication and Engagement team have assisted Vena Energy with their goal to give the community early opportunities to understand the project and provide feedback. The team have conducted community information sessions and facilitated dialogue with key stakeholder groups, State Government agencies, Council, and Registered Aboriginal Parties. This effective stakeholder engagement combined with the various specialist technical assessments has led to a number of project refinements including;

  • an 80% decrease in the number of sensitive receivers within 500 m of the site due to a reduction in the development footprint;
  • the implementation of visual mitigation measures including the provision of native vegetation screening; and an over 70% reduction in the project’s highway frontage due to the relocation of the main access point.
Technical solutions
  • Aboriginal Heritage
  • Acoustics
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Planning and Approvals
  • Groundwater
  • Historical Heritage
  • Soil, Land Resources and Erosion
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Surface Water
  • Transport Engineering and Planning