A culture that allows our team to thrive and grow.

At EMM our core values are not just something we aspire to but a culture we proudly live by every day.  When you spend a large percentage of your time working, it’s natural to want to work in an environment you enjoy spending time in. At EMM we invest in creating a strong workplace culture where our values drive every day behaviours and not just words we have displayed on a wall. We work hard to foster a workplace where all voices are heard, and employees feel a sense of belonging.

Take it from our team who share their experience…

“When you’re on the lookout for a new job, there are a lot of buzz words around culture, innovation, progression etc. The difference with EMM is that from the first interaction, you know that the company is genuine about what they’re saying, I could quickly gauge this in my interview.   This feeling was further validated as I started to work together with the teams and speak to my industry contacts about their experiences.”

We understand there is life at work and life outside of work that’s why we are passionate about providing an environment which nurtures a healthy work – life balance.  We actively seek opportunities for our team to adopt a flexible approach to what the work environment looks like for them personally whilst still meeting the requirements of their team and clients.  At EMM we create ongoing opportunities for our people to develop their professional skills and business acumen through on the job training, mentoring and formal professional development support.

We are focussed on the continued creation of opportunities for our people, our clients and our communities.

If you have the passion, drive and desire to make a difference and live by our core values of commitment, integrity, respect and humility then join us on our journey. Your future is yours to create, where will it take you?

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