Commitment to our clients

Clients face difficult decisions when choosing their professional advisors. They want experienced professionals. Large firms provide professionals and back-up services, but may not provide clients with the priority and attention they need.

Small firms provide personal attention, but their capacity, knowledge base and back-up services may be limited.

EMM fills this gap. Our experienced professionals will give you the personal attention you need and your work will receive the priority you would expect.

We use our own quality management system, which we designed specifically for planning and environmental projects.

Each service we offer is run by professionals who are leaders in their field and who will provide you with practical, prompt and cost-effective results.

We work efficiently, whatever the operating constraints, and deliver our recommendations and practical advice and solutions on time. This starts with our simple, time-efficient procurement system and making sure we clearly understand what a client’s project objectives and pressures are.

We have consistently proven, and will continue to do so, that we provide excellent value for money. There are no hidden costs at EMM and we do not subscribe to the ‘bid low’ and then ‘hit them with variations’ approach common to many of our competitors.

Commitment to our people

EMM is our people. We are committed to providing them with a work environment where teamwork is pivotal, diversity is embraced, employees are promoted and rewarded on their merits, and everyone treats each other with mutual respect and dignity.

We have some 60 dedicated professionals and support staff working together across disciplines and states. We fully encourage cross-discipline support and actively discourage the silo mentality of hoarding information and knowledge instead of sharing it with others in the company.

Professional development

EMM offers excellent professional development opportunities. These include but are not limited to: working on projects of state significance; core internal training modules led by directors and executive leaders that give genuine training tailored to consulting and business; and support for attending external training courses.

We are not a hierarchical company. All employees, including those just starting their career, have direct access to our most senior and experienced leaders and mentors and are given the opportunity to work side-by-side with them on projects.

EMM encourages individuals to present professional papers at conferences and seminars and supports them with financial sponsorship and giving them time to attend.

Professional memberships are a way of connecting individuals to a larger, more diverse professional group within their chosen area of expertise. We encourage individuals to become members of an industry association most relevant to their area of expertise. These commitments form part of our EMM’s Learning and Development Guideline.

Health and wellbeing

Our team’s health and wellbeing is of paramount importance and, accordingly, is a specific focus at EMM.

All staff (including directors!) are encouraged to participate in programs and activities that promote good health. These include bicycling to and from work, running, gym, swimming, yoga and meditation.

We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to have a healthy balance between their professional careers and responsibilities with their time with family, friends and their own personal physical and mental health needs.

EMM offers an employee assistance program that provides all staff with confidential access to professional counselling. EMM has instigated the program to support our team through work and personal problems that may harm their wellbeing, or which may be prevented by early action.

We offer flexible working arrangements, such as hours worked (considering family responsibilities, peak traffic times etc.) and opportunities to work from home/off-site.

We sponsor many events throughout the year, including fun runs and triathlons such as the Sydney City2Surf, Newcastle Harbour Run, corporate triathlons, ocean swims and obstacle races. They provide a great opportunity for staff to be active and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Staff who get involved in these events mix with each other outside the office and help each other to reach their own personal fitness goals and milestones.

Our annual family picnic and bushwalk is a great way for staff and their families to come together and socialise.


EMM’s people are the company’s most valuable asset. Their health and safety is one of our foremost responsibilities.

We are committed to ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and develop and implement health and safety procedures to achieve the objectives of our Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Policy. EMM is also committed to managing work-related injuries and illness effectively and to helping rehabilitate our employees.

Our Work Health Safety Manual and System is third-party accredited by cm3 as well as having had many clients audit our system with positive outcomes.

Brett McLennan (Director) chairs our Work Health Safety Committee where representatives from each office meet monthly. This committee and the Board and senior management continuously review our WHS systems to make sure that they comply at the highest level.

Commitment to our community

EMM influences the social, economic and physical environment through the consulting services we provide. We aim to make a positive contribution by promoting sustainable development and the continued prevention and reduction of adverse environmental impacts.

Our commitment is demonstrated by the consistent quality of our work, which is scientifically based, well informed and prepared by appropriately qualified professionals.

We are proud to donate to a variety of charities and participate in events throughout the year. These have included SurfAid, as many of our team are very keen surfers, and Oxfam Trailwalker, a 100 km walk/run over challenging terrain. We also encourage our team to pitch in and help with social and charity days, such as Clean Up Australia Day and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (Cancer Council).

Our people are commonly in unpaid roles within community and professional organisations, such as Surf Life Saving, Hunter Business Chamber, Planning Institute of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia, Scouts Australia, Minerals Council NSW and Queensland and industry associations, sporting clubs and community groups.

We also take part in university career education expos and take on work experience candidates from university and high schools.