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NSW DPE Draft Revised Large-Scale Solar Energy Guidelines

EMM has made a submission to NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) on the Draft Revised Large-Scale Solar Energy Guidelines. We support the development of guidelines like these in order to give greater certainty to all involved in the process; developers, communities and government agencies. Given the rapid roll-out […]

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Mineral Sands Conference – Top 3 Insights

EMM have long supported the mineral sands industry through the delivery of technically robust studies and environmental approvals throughout Australia. Recently, the EMM team including Joel Georgiou, Paul Gibbons, Nick Travers, Tavis Kleinig and Sam Cook, attended the 22nd   Mineral Sands Conference in Perth. Mining Market Leader and Associate Director […]

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Energy Transformation

Australia’s energy system has entered a period of rapid transformation. Historically, our energy system has been dependent upon a small number of large coal-fired generators positioned close to fuel sources in areas like the Hunter Valley, Central Queensland and the Latrobe Valley. Today, the growth of renewable energy generation, storage […]

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What does social impact have to do with state significant projects and what does it means for your business?

In July 2021 the New South Wales government released a revised Social Impact Assessment Guideline for State Significant Projects (SIA Guideline). The new SIA Guideline has broadened its focus and demands increased rigour in the delivery of a social impact assessment (SIA).  There are two significant changes to the SIA […]

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Accessing your data when access isn’t possible

Understanding and protecting our environmental assets relies on the ability to accurately and effectively collect data. Not just any data, but data that can be relied on. So what happens when flights stop? When travel restrictions come into place? What happens when mine sites, businesses and construction sites shut? Does […]

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The 3 Key Factors You NEED to Run a High-Performance Team

When a team is functioning at peak efficiency, it’s truly an incredible sight to see.

People are working in tandem as a unit, each contributing a meaningful piece to something that adds up to a lot of raw value for your business. But getting your team to that point isn’t as […]

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