EMM’s integrated services provide distinct advantages for our clients. All successful consulting companies have to effectively manage the competing priorities for their staff. By using internal specialists, where it is best for project, EMM can prioritise the projects on which those specialists are working so as to meet project timetables. This avoids the otherwise common experience of the slowest specialist delaying the delivery of the whole project because they are prioritising another project that is more important to their firm

A core principle at EMM is that we will not provide a service unless we have the right person to lead it. We have worked too hard to damage our reputation by providing a substandard service.

We offer the full range of planning and environment services to help clients with business ventures, from complex, multidisciplinary projects to straightforward opinion and advice. We have the experience and expertise to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We are large enough to have a strong resource base to ensure efficient delivery, but small enough to be flexible, adaptable and fit-for-purpose.

Asset Delivery

Aboriginal and historical heritage


Air Quality

Community and stakeholder engagement

Contaminated Land


Land capability and rehabilitation

Social assesment and performance

Spatial solutions

Telemetered Remote Monitoring

Traffic and Transport