Project Description



An existing building at the corner of Frederick and Railway Streets in Rockdale required approval to change its use, with minor internal modifications, to a place of public worship with associated charitable and community welfare services.

A limited amount of on-site car parking is available in the basement and surface car parking areas. The traffic and parking impact assessment for the change of use at the site included locality parking surveys to assess the likely overflow car parking impacts about once a week during the peak weekday congregations.

EMM consulted Rockdale City Council while preparing the traffic and parking report. We prepared a site traffic management plan for peak weekday congregations that reconfigured the layout for the surface car park and more clearly delineated the pedestrian access and car parking areas. It also included a requirement for a traffic controller, who has been approved by Roads and Maritime Services, to be on site to manage vehicular access and car parking during the peak weekday congregations.



Sydney South Welfare Centre (SSWC)

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