The health and well-being of our people, our clients and our communities is of paramount importance. 

In early 2020, EMM took proactive and decisive action in response to the emerging pandemic. Our nimble approach and continual focus on innovation continues to enable our team to maintain project delivery and minimise disruption to our team and clients.

We are strongly encouraging vaccinations in order to:

  • protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and their family; 
  • protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and their employees; 
  • protect the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we work; and 
  • maximise business continuity and avoid reduced work scenarios. 

As of August 2021, 82% of our team have received their first vaccination with 47% of our workforce now full vaccinated.

We seek reliable COVID related information from trusted sources such as the World Health Organisation, Australian Government Department of Health, Safe Work Australia and each respective state/territory government.

The below measures are guided by our values and have been established to keep our people and communities safe.

EMM offices

All staff and visitors must check-in on the government QR system located at entry of all office buildings.

Under public health advice, all workplaces are required to maintain a register of every person who attends for a period of more than 15 minutes. An additional check-in upon office entry is required for all staff, clients and visitors to every EMM office.

Restrictions may limit attendance in lifts, meeting rooms and workspace areas and we ask all people attending our offices to follow the signage with these directives.

Working from home

Before the pandemic, EMM was well established with the required infrastructure and flexible work practices.   During lockdown periods our team are strongly encouraged to work remotely however, we assure our clients that we maintain our commitment to project continuity and technical excellence in delivery.

Our project teams continue to work in flexible locations moving from home to offices and to sites as and when required and in alignment with Government requirements across the different states.  We are absolutely focused on delivering for clients regardless of how and where we work and we are set up to do that – we all remain contactable via normal communication channels.

A centralised team for communication

We have a response team who are in constant communication with our team — regularly monitoring the situation and evaluating our approach.  Our project managers are committed to working in partnership with our clients to ensure any project or client specific measures are implemented.

Travel and undertaking site work

Travel for project work will continue in close consultation with our clients, and decisions on logistics made on a project-by-project basis.

As the pandemic evolves in 2021, we recognise that many project sites may have additional restrictions or requirements prior to undertaking travel. Are team are committed to ensuring an efficient and safe mobilisation to site with all requirements incorporated into EMM’s SWMS/safety plan.

Where required, we have adapted our engagement methods to online tools and forums – maximising flexibility for all staff and clients.

Staying connected

​​​​​​​In true EMM spirit, we continue to innovate in the ways that we are staying connected, supported and safe.  The health and wellbeing of our team is our top priority and as a result, we have implemented numerous social and business initiatives to ensure our team feel engaged and empowered in the dynamic COVID-19 environment.

Our ongoing commitment

EMM will continue to monitor, adopt and promote measures as recommended by our Commonwealth and State Governments.  We are absolutely committed to keeping our staff safe and delivering for our clients.  We maintain a focus in providing clear, open and frequent communication with all of our people and our clients during this time.

For further information about EMM’s approach please contact our National WHS Leader,  Claire Spencer.