As a broader EMM community, we have been collecting for our 2019 Christmas Mission and have this week been able to make meaningful contributions to Rural Aid, UNICEF and OzHarvest.

This year we are proud to be able to donate:

  • 50% of money raised to Rural Aid for drought Relief
  • 50% of money raised to UNICEF which has been used to purchase:
    • A water pump for a community currently without clean water
    • 4 vaccine packs which comes to just under 1,000 vaccines covering measles, tetanus, polio and TB
    • 5 Dignity pad packs which comes to just under 200 reusable sanitary packs
    • 4 story book packs which is 28 story books so kids can just be kids
  • 5 boxes of food to OzHarvest

At EMM we aim to make a positive contribution by promoting sustainable development and the continued prevention and reduction of adverse environmental impacts.

We are so proud of our people and their will and drive to make a difference in our local and global communities.