In recognition of the skills, achievements and commitment from our team, we are delighted to announce
a number of recent internal promotions.

Nina Baulch – Associate Hydrogeologist 

Nina has played a key role in the foundation of our Water Division. Recognised by her peers and clients as a high achiever who consistently delivers quality work. Nina relishes the opportunity to take on a complex project and provides her clients with real world solutions, designed to be readily implemented. Nina is exceptional at managing multidisciplinary teams, partnering with clients and collaborating across technical disciplines to achieve the best results. Nina’s promotion is incredibly well deserved, her loyalty to EMM more than any employer could expect is a real credit to her character.

Colm Kennedy – Associate Environmental Consultant 

Colm’s friendly and approachable nature, combined with an excellent industry understanding have seen him continually grow opportunities for EMM. He is sought-out by clients for his high standards of work and the relationships he creates. Colm operates with a level of inclusiveness, good-humour and modesty that contributes strongly to the EMM culture. Congratulations Colm!

Thomas Frankham – Associate Environmental Scientist

Tom is an extremely capable and knowledgeable project manager who works hard to manage and successfully deliver large complex mining projects. Tom has a friendly, responsive and calm manner – these attributes assist him in forming productive relationships with clients and colleagues, to achieve project objectives and continually promote EMM’s profile in the mining sector.

Morgan Wilcox – Associate Archaeologist

Morgan’s promotion to an Associate reflects her role as a cornerstone of support for EMM heritage team. Since joining EMM in 2018 as our only Archaeologist in the Newcastle Office, Morgan quickly established a strong and trusted presence amongst her team, colleagues and clients alike. In line with her generous nature, Morgan has donated countless hours of her time going above and beyond to create a welcoming, family feel to the EMM culture. Whether it be baking award-worthy cakes for office birthdays, to pulling together brain-busting trivia sessions, to going the extra mile to make sure a job is done right and her teammates are supported, Morgan has always been there. Morgan consistently delivers a high quality of personal output across business development, project management, and technical expertise; all of reasons why she has fostered a valued reputation for EMM in the Hunter Region and beyond.

Berlinda Ezzy – Associate Director – Ecology

Berlinda is a key member of EMM, driving the success of the broader business and our Ecology team in Queensland. Internally, Berlinda strives for a culture of excellence, guiding her team to deliver high quality outcomes on every project. Externally, Berlinda delivers high quality and well considered advice to our clients, creating opportunities on projects and managing risks. Her position in the market as one of the best in the business means her services are actively sought out by clients and she is seen as a trusted advisor by many. Berlinda has been a critical part of the success of the broader business over the past four years and her promotion to Associate Director reflects this. We look forward to her continued contributions in years to come.

Andrew Badham Associate Director | National Technical Leader – WHS & Explosive Services

Andrew has extensive experience providing work health and safety (WHS) and explosive management technical expertise and advice to clients across a diverse range of industries, geographies, and regulatory frameworks. He has a thorough understanding of Commonwealth and state WHS legislative requirements and is a highly respected member of the EMM team, who is always willing to help and mentor other staff and project team members to make health and safety their top priority.

Harrison Callen-Short – Water Resources Engineer

Harrison started with EMM as an undergraduate and has quickly become a highly valued and effective member of the team. Harrison is now an integral part of EMM’s expanding surface water business that services projects and clients across the country, working closely with our groundwater and land teams. Harrison embodies our values of commitment, integrity, respect and humility. His infectious nature unites fellow colleagues, his uplifting personality has been a fantastic influence during the current wave of lockdowns in NSW.

Tania Smee – Senior HR Advisor

Tania is an integral and highly valued member of the People and Performance Team. Her promotion to Senior HR Advisor is in recognition of her significant contribution to both designing and implementing EMM’s recruitment and onboarding processes. Tania has also developed a leading and innovative Graduate Program that is being rolled out for new EMM graduates this year.

Pamela Chauvel – Senior Archaeologist

Pamela’s promotion to Senior Archaeologist is the reflection of years of dedication and personal growth formed at EMM. Pamela’s career began at EMM as a casual archaeologist in 2015. However, her enthusiasm for archaeology, yearning for exploration, and great cultural fit quickly cemented her position as a valued and trusted member of the heritage team. Pamela’s approachable and supportive disposition has developed positive and ongoing relationships with Aboriginal communities, clients and team members alike. Pamela’s underlying maturity, technical expertise and interpersonal skills have shone through as her confidence as an Archaeologist has developed at EMM. Now as a Senior Archaeologist, Pamela is yet another example of success achieved through living EMM’s values.

Sally Macdonald – Senior GIS Analyst

Sally possesses endless enthusiasm and a zest for all things spatial. Known by her teammates and project teams as “the bubbly one”, Sally consistently demonstrates her ability to merge her strong technical skills and passion for people in every challenge she meets. Her interaction with others within the business clearly demonstrates EMM’s core values and a high level of technical capability. Combined, these skills provide Sally with a unique talent, meaning Sally has become an incredibly well-rounded member of the Spatial Solutions team and an emerging leader within the business. We are excited to provide Sally with the opportunity to continue to demonstrate her core skills and to grow her leadership capability.

Cassandra Kottaras – Senior Ecologist

Cass’s promotion to Senior Ecologist reflects her hard work, impressive skill set and natural aptitude for ecology and consultancy, all of which is beyond her years of experience. She truly embodies the EMM values and her commitment shines through even when faced with challenging clients and projects. Cass creates an environment of respect that sees her support the team to grow and yet is humble and readily seeks the support she needs to succeed herself. Whilst at EMM, Cass has achieved a remarkable rapport with clients and her colleagues and her hard work stands up for itself. It is clear Cass has a bright, bright future ahead with her unique business acumen and instincts.

Claire Corthier – Senior Hydrogeologist

Claire combines exceptional analytical skills with highly effective communication of her science and a fantastic work ethic. This combination has made her a formidable force in the hydrogeology world and an incredible asset to the EMM team. Claire’s promotion reflects a technical excellence consistently demonstrated over the previous year, always achieving results for her clients. Claire has stepped up to each and every challenge assigned, in fact we have struggled to find a problem too complex and not through lack of trying….

Henry Noakes – Senior Hydrogeologist

Henry combines an incredible intellect with a comprehensive understanding of geological and hydrogeological processes. Henry provides robust technical advice to his clients, based on sound scientific practice and a keen understanding of the framework in which we work. Henry adopts a considered approach, his quiet confidence commands attention and respect. Peel back his humble exterior to find a creative soul who loves nothing more than to turn a good piece of timber into a functional piece of art and nothing less than the praise which inevitably follows.

Kerryn Armstrong – Senior Archaeologist

Kerryn’s promotion is a testament to her commitment to EMM and perseverance through challenges encountered over her past four years at EMM. Kerryn’s passion for archaeology prompted her transition from a colourful career in the equine industry to the slightly slower pace of the heritage industry as an Archaeologist. If you’ve had the chance to speak to Kerryn, you will quickly learn that her skills in organisation, dedication and hard work formed in her previous career have transferred well into her role at EMM (and she has a horse training analogy for every situation!). Kerryn has demonstrated how her genuine passion for historical heritage and scientific archaeological methods, along with strong mentoring skills, have become indispensable qualities for the heritage team.

Anna McRae – Senior Environmental Scientist

Anna’s well deserved promotion reflects the level of technical prowess, calibre of work produced and commitment to EMM values. Anna has consistently demonstrated her level of service in a league above her job title and this promotion recognises the capabilities of this rising star in the QLD team.

Tanja Ibsen – Senior Environmental Scientist

Tanja’s promotion recognises her dedication, commitment and growth with EMM. I’m really proud of the respect she gives to her projects, our team and to her own professional development. Her honest and open communication, enthusiasm and humility is exceptional and an asset to our team and our clients.