EMM Consulting Pty Limited (EMM) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Allan Young to the role of Planning Service Leader.

Allan is an Urban Planner and established leader in legislative, policy and operational reform. He has a depth of experience across statutory and strategic planning, environmental assessment, natural resource management, infrastructure development and project management.

Allan is a Fulbright Scholar, a Churchill Fellow and is recognised as a thought leader, communicator and innovator. He has engaged and collaborated across government, industry and community with a proven record in delivery of workable solutions to complex legal and policy challenges. He has strong interpersonal skills with the ability to create positive relationships and influence at all levels.

As EMM’s Planning Service Leader, Allan will play a critical role in facilitating high performance from the team to service our client’s needs with EMM continuing to be a leading provider of planning services.

If you would like to discuss any of your planning needs please contact Allan and the Planning Team.