EMM Consulting recently completed a full EIS process for Axiom Mining’s San Jorge Nickel Project, in the Solomon Islands.

The process involved a scoping study, field work, putting an EIS together, presentations to the National Government and a lengthy Public Consultation exercise. Rob Morris was EMM’s Project Director who was greatly assisted by Ellie Thackray our Project manager.

The result, after months of hard work, was greatly appreciated by Axiom as they were awarded development consent and a Mining Licence (ML) for their project. Axiom is now working towards the site’s development.

It’s nice to sometimes reflect on your achievements and celebrate a successful project, so we were delighted to be taken out by the Axiom team and be presented with two gifts: one to EMM for a great job on a difficult project; and the other to Rob for his terrific work completed in-country.

Dr Phil Tagini of Axiom commented that EMM now has a very good reputation in the Solomon Islands.