What does commitment mean in business?

I work in a place where sitting on the fence is not encouraged. There are no seats on the fence. Not a comfy bean bag or a couch. Not even one of those non-ergonomic dining chairs that is now your work chair, since you started working from home. In fact, […]

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Integrity: As individuals and professionals

Integrity… a behaviour and ethic that I have always held as a core value both personally and in others.

Delivering on our promises to others is an obvious example of integrity, what else does it mean and what are its pillars? If I had to explain the concept of integrity to […]

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From 1991 to 1996 I was one of the first regionally based Environmental Officers with the then Department of Resources Industries.  My regional extended from Bowen across to the Queensland/Northern Territory and all the way the north to the Torres Straits.  My role was the regulation of all […]

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To be online, or not to be online…

Wow four months into physical distancing due to COVID-19. It has been an adjustment for us all and I hope we have all adjusted nicely and are doing well.

Recently I spoke about the challenges of community engagement at a time when we are meant to be keeping our distance. The […]

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In 1982, the Australian Bureau of Labour Market Research reported that women formed just 3% of the engineering profession at the undergraduate level. It was one of the most gender-segregated professions in Australia at that time and significantly below the participation rate relative to most other industrialised countries. In […]

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World Environment Day

Between 2017 and 2020 the EMM Consulting Ecology team has been privileged to undertake extensive and detailed biodiversity surveys in Kosciuszko National Park as a part of the Snowy 2.0 project.

In 2017, during terrestrial trapping surveys, we found the Smoky Mouse (Pseudomys fumeus) in one of our traps. This was an […]

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Accessing your data when access isn’t possible

Understanding and protecting our environmental assets relies on the ability to accurately and effectively collect data. Not just any data, but data that can be relied on. So what happens when flights stop? When travel restrictions come into place? What happens when mine sites, businesses and construction sites shut? Does […]

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The 3 Key Factors You NEED to Run a High-Performance Team

When a team is functioning at peak efficiency, it’s truly an incredible sight to see.

People are working in tandem as a unit, each contributing a meaningful piece to something that adds up to a lot of raw value for your business. But getting your team to that point isn’t as […]

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Stay away from me! Now let’s talk

Stay away from me! Now let’s talk

After five weeks of social distancing I have time to reflect on our working environment. Since the first case was identified in Australia in late January our worlds have been drastically changed and with no known end in sight. The […]

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