The EMM air quality team specialises in ambient air quality management, atmospheric dispersion modelling, air pollution impact assessment, meteorological processes and modelling, climate analysis and air pollution monitoring and analysis.

Air quality

EMM’s staff has experience with air quality projects located across Australia and internationally, providing a strong understanding of state, national and international air quality emissions and assessment policies and approaches. We have successfully completed hundreds of air quality projects for our clients.

EMM’s air quality team have extensive experience with a range of regulatory atmospheric dispersion models, including AERMOD, CALPUFF, Ausplume and TAPM. We believe in applying the most appropriate model to suit an individual site and operation type, rather than a “one option for all” approach.

EMM have extensive air quality project experience across a range of sectors, including the mining and extractive industry, major transport and infrastructure developments, power generation facilities, food and agricultural, manufacturing and heavy industry and waste management facilities. We have also completed numerous government-funded projects, including regional modelling assessments and air policy research studies.

We specialise in designing ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring networks for our clients, providing recommendations on the right equipment for the characteristics and constraints of individual sites. We regularly assist our clients with identifying and optimising air quality management practices using a combination of dispersion modelling and ambient monitoring techniques. Using the latest generation data analysis tools, we are able unlock the key details from large and complicated monitoring datasets.

The EMM air quality team is experienced with consultation sessions to community, private sector and government stakeholders and has provided expert witness and independent peer review services for a range of industries.

In addition to ambient air quality issues, EMM’s air quality team have completed numerous greenhouse gas quantification and assessment projects for a range of industries and processes. We also have experience with climate change risk assessments.

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Atmospheric dispersion modelling and impact assessment

Meteorological modelling and analysis

Odour modelling and impact assessment

Ambient air quality monitoring

Management plans and mitigation reviews

Greenhouse gas quantification

Independent peer reviews

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