The EMM cultural heritage team specialises in research, field assessment, heritage management, planning and archaeological field services of Aboriginal and historic period sites.

EMM’s team has a proven track record of offering pragmatic and cost effective advice on a range of development projects.

Aboriginal and historic heritage

EMM provides the highest standard of field assessment and advisory services. EMM’s services are characterised by high quality and practical management of Aboriginal and historic period heritage, combining Aboriginal consultation, archival research and archaeological excavation. Our team has worked with clients from the public and private sector on multi-disciplinary projects that range in complexity and scale.

EMM personnel have worked on mining sites across major coal fields in NSW, land development projects in the greater Sydney and Hunter Valley regions, and major infrastructure project for road and water utility authorities.

Our heritage team has a wealth of experience working within the statutory framework administered by the Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Division and the Heritage Department within the Office of Environment and Heritage, the Department of Planning and Infrastructure and local councils.

We conduct our projects in accordance with best practice heritage management delivering value and results for our clients. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for our clients. Find out more about our projects here and our latest news here.

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Aboriginal and historic period heritage constraints reports

Aboriginal due diligence assessments

Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments

Aboriginal community consultation

Aboriginal heritage management plans

Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit applications

Aboriginal archaeological test excavation and salvage excavation

Historic period heritage and archaeological assessments

Research designs and archaeological excavation of historic period sites

Photographic archival recording

Assessments of the built environment

Consultation workshops

Information workshops

Pamela Kottaras
National Technical Leader, Historical Heritage
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Dr Alan Williams
National Technical Leader, Aboriginal Heritage
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