The EMM social impact team delivers high quality social impact assessments, adopting a social science approach, as part of the environmental impact statements (EIS) for small and large projects across a broad range of sectors.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Our team has experience with the application of social research to inform the assessment of social impacts in line with Local, State and National legislation. We have successfully delivered social impact assessment on large scale projects.

EMM’s social impact team have extensive experience with the application of social research methods such as in-depth interviews, community impact surveys, social impact and opportunity workshops, values mapping, social return on investment, focus groups, and social risk framework. Our social research approach ensures the social impact assessment is informed by a cross section of the community.

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Social impact assessment

Social research

Community pulse surveys

Community profiling

Corporate social responsibility

Shared value

Evaluation and review of social programs and policy

Social return on investment

Strategy development and advice

Behavioural research

Independent peer review