Our team provides community and stakeholder engagement to support the EIS process, inform the development of services, projects, programs and strategies.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Our experienced team will manage the community and stakeholder engagement process from inception to completion. Offering a range of options from developing fact sheets to facilitating workshops, focus groups and community information sessions, to running more collaborative approaches such as community reference groups, co-design or citizen advisory committees.

Our team uses Social Pinpoint to visualise your project with mapping capability that bring your project to life and along with the interactive tools you can receive community feedback in real time. We can provide this experience both online and face to face.

We work with our clients to tailor a communication and stakeholder engagement strategy that best suits their needs.

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Community and stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement and communications

Online forums and social media monitoring

Community and stakeholder engagement strategies and plans

Stakeholder mapping

Community and stakeholder management

Communication and engagement tool kits

Capacity building


Andrea Kanaris
National Technical Leader, Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
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