Project Description



For the first time in NSW, produced water was blended with fresh water for beneficial re-use to irrigate crops at AGL’s former Gloucester coal seam gas project site. Produced water is slightly salty (brackish) groundwater drawn from the coal seams. The irrigation program blended produced water with fresh water to successfully irrigate salt tolerant crops of lucerne (perennial plant) and triticale/forage. The program ceased in late 2017 with the completion of irrigation of up to 70 megalitres of produced water blended with fresh water and applied to a 12 hectare irrigation plot area using a linear move irrigator with overhead sprinklers.

EMM was commissioned by AGL to continue an extensive program of monitoring of groundwater, surface water, irrigation water, and soil quality to evaluate the impact of blended water irrigation on soil and adjacent water sources (during and post-irrigation). Our team of hydrogeologists, water, and soil scientists have delivered numerous monitoring impact assessments throughout the life of the project.



AGL Energy Ltd

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