Project Description



The NSW Government’s $1.3 billion proposal straddled four socially and economically diverse local government areas: Dubbo, Wellington, Warrumbungle and Mid-Western Regional in Central West NSW. CHC engaged EMM for a workforce accommodation study and social impact assessment on the proposal.

The workforce accommodation study determined the accommodation needs of the proposal’s construction and operations workforce. One of its key findings was the need to build a temporary construction workforce village as part of the proposal so as to minimise pressure on the local housing market, minimise risk of project delays and improve residential amenity in the surrounding communities.

The study also helped CHC to understand the existing workforce demographics and skills base, which then informed future training programs in a region with high youth and Aboriginal unemployment. The study’s findings were incorporated into the proposal’s social impact assessment (SIA).

The SIA incorporated an innovative methodology that moved away from a standard approach dominated by detailed demographic tables and instead provided richer contextual information and detailed analysis of likely impacts. A solid stakeholder engagement program underpinned the SIA.

The SIA accompanied the environmental assessment for the proposal, which was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, (now known as as Planning and Infrastructure). The proposal is likely to be determined in 2014.



Cobbora Holding Company Pty Limited (CHC)

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