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Chain Valley Colliery is an underground mine near Lake Macquarie in NSW. The colliery has operated since 1962, and been an important part of the Lake Macquarie community for over 50 years. The proposal was to extend the life of the mine beyond 2013 and continue to provide employment for over 160 workers and the businesses that rely on the colliery as a major employer in the region.

The social impact assessment (SIA) was for the proposed mining extension in the ecologically sensitive Lake Macquarie area. It was tailored to identify the colliery workforce as an important stakeholder in the proposal. EMM designed an interactive employee survey to record existing workforce characteristics for location, purchasing habits and established links within the local community, which was used to assess the potential impacts of the proposal on the colliery workforce. The SIA was supported by an extensive community consultation program.

The SIA accompanied the proposal’s environmental impact statement and was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (now known as Planning and Infrastructure). The proposal was approved in December 2013.



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