What is Noisecheck?

A fast and reliable online noise prediction tool for construction projects

Predict . Assess . Manage

Noisecheck is a state-of-the-art tool that provides your team with an interactive noise activity report without any delay.

Created and coded by an acoustic consultant, the visual online tool gives construction project managers control and accuracy over assessing and managing noise impacts — without needing an acoustic consultant onsite.

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Why choose Noisecheck?

3D acoustic modelling

Sound isn’t flat, and neither is Noisecheck. Get an accurate prediction of noise levels with a 3D map interface which allows users to easily visualise and assess real-life scenarios.

Real-time collaboration

Unleash the power of human collaboration. With Noisecheck, you and your team can streamline work and approvals. Collaborate real time from different locations without any delays.

Training for users

A job well begun is half done. That’s why with Noisecheck, we ensure your team receives the training they need to get the work done right. So much so that construction professionals can confidently take control of noise assessments themselves.

Highly customisable

Customise the tool to suit your needs. Whether you are working on a road construction project or rail, wherever you are based in the world, rest assured that Noisecheck will cater to your specific requirements.

WestConnex case study

EMM and Noisecheck have teamed up with Lendlease Samsung Bouygues Joint Venture (LSBJV) to help with the delivery of WestConnex M4-M5 Link Mainline Tunnels Project. Construction during out of hours periods has been an ongoing requirement of the project. When it comes to gaining works approval, noise impacts on the surrounding community has typically been the main environmental constraint. A noise assessment which demonstrates how noise will be minimised and managed needs to be provided with every out of hours work permit. Noisecheck has provided a major advantage to the LSBJV approvals team, enabling them to self-perform the assessment themselves, and fast-tracking this out of hours work approval process.

“Noisecheck is a game changer for any construction environmental manager“

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