EMM’s IoT platform is a powerful web based sensor data management software platform that manages and presents important sensors data in a meaningful way. It integrates monitoring systems that can collect and display data from several sources, including continuous monitoring data from remote telemetry systems and manually acquired field parameters.

It creates opportunities by getting new projects up and running quickly and providing a complete overview and control of the data. The tool offers a single platform for any type of instrumentation data. It has everything needed for the online presentation and analysis of instrumentation data from any type of sensor or data logger on a point and click interface which includes a vast selection of features.

This highly scalable platform can be customised to suit each clients specific needs and applications, presenting data to suit end users requirements

  • Access your sensor data anytime, anywhere
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Time series data at your fingertips
  • Embedded reports, field notes and standard operating procedures

Associate Environmental Engineer Jared Ewers commented:

“EMM’s data management platform sets a new standard for the way our clients can manage their environmental and compliance data.  We are excited to present a secure and customised platform that allows for traceable, robust, and secure data for compliance in an efficient and user-friendly manner.