When a team is functioning at peak efficiency, it’s truly an incredible sight to see.

People are working in tandem as a unit, each contributing a meaningful piece to something that adds up to a lot of raw value for your business. But getting your team to that point isn’t as simple as flipping a light switch – it’s not something you can declare or demand.

It’s something you have to build. Slowly but surely, one team member at a time.

The difference between a team and a high-performance team is a great one, indeed. If you really want to make sure that your employees come together to form something that looks more like the latter than the former, there are three key factors that you’ll absolutely need to account for at all times.

1. The Purpose, the Vision, the Values

By far, these three ideas are more than just the keys to staying motivated and happy at work. They’re the key behind making sure that every member of your team is able to come together to form something much more powerful and important than any one of them could on their own.

  • Having a clear purpose makes you remember why your work matters.
  • Your vision, both personally and in your work life, provides a clear point of reference for decision making. This, in turn, can decrease the angst in the process of making big decisions.
  • Values should be at the heart of everything in a workplace. They should be integrated into every team members KPIs and at EMM it is the first lens of recruitment.

These qualities become especially important when you remember that high-performance environments are often high stakes ones, too.

“When under sustained pressure, it can be a powerful tool to revisit our purpose”

~ Luke Stewart, Managing Director at EMM.

2. That Team Environment

If you want your team to work better, smarter and more efficiently than ever, you have to make sure they’re in a place where this is actually possible.

A team-centric environment is essential so that colleagues not only work together but also promote individual balance along the way. All of this goes a long way towards ensuring that each team member fulfils their own clear roles. This enables high levels of collective performance while making certain no team member is overburdened.

At EMM, humility is one of our core values – meaning that no one is bigger than the team. We promote this sense of community through our day to day behaviours and initiatives such as annual family bushwalks, whole-company functions some of which include partners, board game nights, rallying around each other in stressful situations and participating in sporting groups such as the mighty EMM Emus indoor soccer team.

3. Quality and Constant Communication

Just how important is quality communication to a high-performance team, you ask? In a word, “very.”

According to one recent study, a massive 97% of all employees say that their ability to communicate has a significant impact on their ability to do their jobs every day. When you consider that the same study also revealed that the cumulative cost per worker, per year of productivity losses caused by communications barriers, recently hit $26,041, it’s easy to see just how true that is.

Without communication, you have work being done in a vacuum. You have one team member who has no idea what the rest is doing, or how their tasks fit in with the larger strategy of the whole. You have people who don’t feel like they’re a part of something and who find it difficult, if not impossible, to invest emotionally in an idea that is larger than themselves.

In short, you have nothing – certainly not a team, let alone a high performance one – which is why quality communication must always be a top priority.

Better, Together

These core elements aren’t just recommended in order to run a high-performance team – they’re mandatory, end of story. But when you consider what you’ll ultimately be able to get in return, it’s easy to see why the effort is absolutely more than worth it.

If you’d like to join a high-performance team, or if you have any additional questions you’d like to see answered, get in touch today.