Dr Tim Brooker, Stephen Bargwanna and Mike Veysey attended the AITPM (Australasian Institute of Transport Planning and Management) 50th Anniversary Conference at the Westin Hotel in Sydney. The team presented EMM’s research paper on a framework for a potential traffic congestion charge for the Sydney CBD, based on the comparable examples in London, Stockholm, Milan and Singapore.

While not universally popular, a traffic congestion charge for the Sydney CBD is one of the options available to the NSW government for future traffic regulation within the CBD, where the strongly increasing levels of employment (there are now over 330,000 jobs located in the Sydney CBD compared to 160,000 in the late 1980’s) is making future private car access to and from the central CBD area during the peak hour travel periods on weekdays, an increasingly difficult objective to achieve.

Many papers presented at the conference addressed future themes for transport planning in cities such as Sydney with the widespread use of autonomous vehicles and electric bicycles looking increasingly likely within a relatively short term future timeframe. These emerging issues will provide transport regulators with strong challenges to current thinking about the likely future of travel in cities such as Sydney.

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