The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) are the peak industry body for GIS specialists, and aim to represent, support, provide for and promote the professional interests of Members who work in the surveying and spatial industry in all its disciplines. The National Young Professionals are a subgroup within the SSSI for members under 35 years of age, and provides particular support and representation for early career spatial and surveying professionals.

The National Young Professionals Committee is a small group of people who encourage and create initiatives for young professionals in networking, career development, education and information, and recognition and representation. They organise networking and informational events, provide workshops at conferences, host webinars and seminars, and assist with mentoring.

This year, EMM’s Roshni Sharma is one of two NSW representatives on the SSSI National Young Professionals Committee, working alongside Alex Pescud, the Vice-Chair and Secretary.