EMM is proud to announce not one but two major moves that help extend and amplify the value we’re able to provide to our partners around the globe.
Not only has renowned Air Quality Consultant Scott Fishwick joined EMM, but he will also be helping to launch a brand new service category: Air Quality Science Services.

Meet Scott Fishwick

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science at Macquarie University in 2004, Scott has spent the intervening years acting as an industry leading air quality consultant for a wide range of notable organisations. He specialises in not only atmospheric dispersion modelling but also air quality impact assessments, meteorological processes, odour assessment, ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring and more.
He’s been involved with an extensive number of industry and infrastructure projects over the last 14 years, which allowed him to lend his unique blend of expertise to the assessment of impacts from large scale mining and extractive operations, critical transportation and infrastructure projects, major industrial and manufacturing facilities and much, much more.
Scott has completed a number of critical air quality studies across most of Australia, as well as internationally in locations like New Zealand, Israel, Singapore and the United States. He’s also worked across a large number of sectors including infrastructure, power generation, the aforementioned extractive industries, mining and waste management.

Introducing: Air Quality Science Services

The addition of Scott Fishwick to the already robust EMM team also coincides with the launch of a completely new (and valuable) opportunity for clients everywhere: state-of-the-art Air Quality Science Services.
EMM’s Air Quality Team specialises in air pollution emission quantification, meteorological and atmospheric dispersion modelling, ambient air quality monitoring and management, air pollution impact assessment, plus many other mission-critical factors.
With this new team, EMM is in a better position than ever to provide superior value to our clients. We can now offer expert recommendations on the right equipment for the characteristics and constraints of individual sites, can help identify and optimize air quality management practices using a combination of dispersion modelling and ambient monitoring techniques, and can even help unlock key details from large and complicated data sets using all of the latest generation data analysis tools.

“The management and assessment of air quality is an ever evolving challenge, with regular advancements in methods required to meet the expectations of communities and regulatory bodies. I believe that the introduction of air quality science services complements the existing established service lines at EMM and will provide unique opportunities to develop collaborative environmental solutions for our clients. I am very excited to have joined the EMM team!”
– Scott Fishwick, Associate – Air Quality Leader

The EMM Air Quality Team has deeply rooted experience in offering consultation sessions to community, private sector and government stakeholders. The individual members have also provided expert witness and independent peer review services for a plethora of industries over their immediately impressive careers.
In addition to those aforementioned air quality issues, the Air Quality Team has also completed numerous greenhouse gas quantification and assessment projects for a range of industries and processes and undertaken climate change risk assessments for mining operations in climate-sensitive environments.
To that end, bringing someone like Scott Fishwick into the fold and launching our new Air Quality Science Services is about our continued commitment to our clients and their essential projects.

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