Clients face difficult decisions when choosing their professional advisors. They want experienced professionals. Large firms provide professionals and back-up services, but may not provide clients with the priority and attention they need.

Small firms provide personal attention, but their capacity, knowledge base and back-up services may be limited.

EMM fills this gap. Our experienced professionals will give you the personal attention you need and your work will receive the priority you would expect.

We use our own quality management system, which we designed specifically for planning and environmental projects.

Each service we offer is run by professionals who are leaders in their field and who will provide you with practical, prompt and cost-effective results.

We work efficiently, whatever the operating constraints, and deliver our recommendations and practical advice and solutions on time. This starts with our simple, time-efficient procurement system and making sure we clearly understand what a client’s project objectives and pressures are.

We have consistently proven, and will continue to do so, that we provide excellent value for money. There are no hidden costs at EMM and we do not subscribe to the ‘bid low’ and then ‘hit them with variations’ approach common to many of our competitors.

COVID-19 Update

EMM is working to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people, our clients and our community.