The EMM water team is dedicated to providing integrated water solutions and high quality deliverables tailored to clients’ needs. We specialise in integrated surface water and groundwater assessments, including water policy, design, modelling, monitoring, quality, management, supply and dewatering and stakeholder engagement.

EMM have established a quality team of highly motivated and innovative groundwater and surface water specialists. Our team has the skills and experience to address all water related matters for projects and resolve and implement work with other specialist contractors (ie drilling pumping tests). We work with our clients to provide pragmatic advice and achieve practical and efficient outcomes. We provide a national service with members located in Sydney, Newcastle, Perth and Adelaide.

Project teams are tailored to meet project requirements, and ensure timely, efficient and quality delivery. Our senior professionals are recognised leaders within the water field, and provide high level advice to government and industry. EMM has a distinguished reputation in environmental assessment in NSW and QLD, particularly for the mining and coal seam gas industries, and this experience enhances our ability to provide pragmatic water solutions for our clients. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for our clients. Find out more about our projects here and our latest news here.

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Overall water services

Groundwater and surface water impact assessments and management plans

Strategic water advice (regulation, policy, trading and licensing)

Water monitoring strategies and plans (tailored triggers and trigger action response plans)

Irrigation and agriculture water supply options and licensing

Environmental compliance

Water quality and hydrochemistry assessments

Flood risk management

Concept design and feasibility assessments (dams, culverts, pumps, water treatment plants)

Subcontractor management

Water modelling

Site water balance modelling and management (supply, reuse, treatment and disposal)

Conceptual model development (cross sections and block diagrams)

Numerical groundwater modelling (Modflow, Surfact, MT3D, AnAqSim, Winflow, WISH)

Water quality modelling (MUSIC)

Flood modelling (TUFLOW, RAFTS)

Drainage design and analysis (TUFLOW, DRAINS)

Groundwater specialist services

Drilling investigations (including monitoring bores, large diameter irrigation bores, reinjection and dewatering bores, spear point systems)

Aquifer characterisation (hydraulic testing and analysis)

Dewatering and water supply

Aquifer reinjection

Contaminated site assessment

Groundwater dependent ecosystems (identification, assessment and management)

Groundwater sustainable yield assessments

Water monitoring

Design of networks (surface and groundwater)

Drilling specification design for groundwater monitoring

Ongoing sampling (field, laboratory analysis and isotopes)

Data analysis and interpretation


Nicola Fry
Division Leader – Water
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Dr Douglas Weatherill
National Technical Leader, Groundwater Modelling
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John Ross
National Technical Leader, Hydrogeology (North)
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Steven Boxall
National Technical Leader, Surface Water
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Wade Dodson
National Technical Leader, Hydrogeology (West)
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