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The EMM transport planning team provides services for a wide range of government, commercial, residential, mining and industrial projects throughout Australia.

The transport planning team specialises in providing transport planning and traffic engineering advice for a range of government and private sector projects.

Key Transport Planning Services

EMM undertakes transport planning and traffic engineering assessments, road safety assessments and road pavement engineering reports.

Transport planning reports are prepared for all the planning and development approval stage of projects. Reports investigate and document the transport needs for projects, identify and assess options for transport improvements and include social, economic and environmental assessments of options with multi-criteria based evaluations of the transport consequences of options.

We provide transport planning services to State Government transport agencies, roads, railways, other public transport systems, ports and airport developments. A range of transport planning reports and traffic impact study reports have been prepared for Energy Sector developments and Utility Service Corridor infrastructure upgrade projects.

Also, local government transport planning reports have been prepared for new urban developments, including urban renewal and rural residential release areas.

For the resource and mining industry sector reports have been prepared to obtain the necessary development approvals.

For the urban development and property industry a range of services have been provided for major new urban developments, including reports for appeals in the Land and Environment Court of NSW.

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EMM Provides Services In:

  • Strategic transport planning studies
  • Traffic modelling studies
  • Major project development approval traffic impact reports
  • Town centre traffic and car parking studies
  • Pedestrian and cycleway network planning studies
  • Future car parking policy studies
  • Site development advice
  • Traffic engineering design advice
  • Rezoning stage transport planning reports
  • TMAP (Transport Management and Accessibility Plan) reports

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