Project Description



EMM managed the approval process for the Terminal 4 (T4) Project in Newcastle for Port Waratah Coal Services. Approval for the project is required under both NSW and Commonwealth (EPBC Act) legislation. The project was declared a controlled action under the EPBC Act and was assessed by way of an accredited assessment for which the approval process is still continuing.

The T4 Project will be one of the largest infrastructure developments in NSW, with an estimated cost of over $6 billion when fully developed. The environmental impact statement (EIS) assessed numerous complex technical matters, including contamination, groundwater, surface water, river hydrodynamics, ecology, noise, air quality and greenhouse gases, traffic and transport, terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecology, economics, social and heritage.

The T4 Project will impact matters of national environmental significance, including threatened species, migratory species and Ramsar wetlands. To avoid, mitigate and offset impacts from the T4 project, a range of strategies were incorporated as part of the environmental assessment.



Port Waratah Coal Services

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