Project Description



As part of the mine planning and transport impacts assessment for the proposed 12 Mt/y coal mine at Cobbora, in Central Western NSW, a detailed study was used to find out the cost and likely supply of available accommodation, the typical daily commuting travel distance, ease of access to and from an airport for regional travel and the typical range of retail, educational and other community facilities and services available in the various townships.

The project’s potential short-stay accommodation needs were identified as requiring a project-specific workforce accommodation village. The likely future longer-term supply of new housing, within a 70 to 80 km travel distance radius of the mine, was examined and the most likely future residential locations of the mine workforce determined. The traffic implications of the workforce commuting on the major road network and corresponding road upgrading requirements were identified. This work is an integral component for negotiating a voluntary planning agreement for the project.



Cobbora Holding Company Pty Limited (CHC)

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