Robert Morris

Divisional Leader, Planning and Acoustics

Rob has 30 years’ experience as a consultant environmental specialist in Australia and overseas. Rob has worked internationally on projects completed under widely different legislative and regulatory regimes. He managed environmental impact assessment projects in United Kingdom, countries in Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Sri Lanka, China and Hong Kong.

Since moving to Australia, Rob has led major projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, including in a group executive role. As Leader of the Planning and Acoustics team, Rob’s wide-ranging knowledge and experience of environmental assessment and management in infrastructure, mining, energy, renewable energy and waste management is highly valued by EMM consultants, clients and stakeholders.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology (Hons), University of East Anglia, and a Master of Science, Environmental Assessment and Management, Oxford Brookes University.

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