Leadership team

Meet the team that leads EMM

EMM is a multidisciplinary team of professionals in planning and environment led by experts in their field. We stay at the forefront of developments in environmental management and sustainability through industry membership, training and accreditation.

We have strong professional relationships with leading authorities and considerable experience representing our clients to national and state planning determination bodies.

Our leaders are committed to delivering high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Both our structure and staff respond and adapt to our client’s needs and give each project the same level of professional attention and support.

  • Gary Flowers
    Gary Flowers

    Chairman of Board

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  • Luke Stewart
    Luke Stewart

    Managing Director

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  • Najah Ishac
    Najah Ishac

    Director of Finance and National Technical Leader, Acoustics

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  • Duncan Peake
    Duncan Peake

    Divisional Leader, Environmental Assessment and Management

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  • Liz Webb
    Liz Webb

    Divisional Leader, Water and Land

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  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris

    Divisional Leader, Planning and Acoustics

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  • Nathan Garvey
    Nathan Garvey

    Divisional Leader, Ecology/Heritage/GIS

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  • Nicole Armit
    Nicole Armit

    Hunter MD Regional Representative

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  • Jeromy Claridge
    Jeromy Claridge

    Queensland MD Regional Representative

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  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons

    South Australia MD Regional Representative

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  • Olga Deakin
    Olga Deakin

    Manager, People & Performance

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  • Jamie Wharemate
    Jamie Wharemate

    Business Services Manager

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  • Dr Tim Brooker
    Dr Tim Brooker

    National Technical Leader, Traffic and Transport

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  • Allan Young
    Allan Young

    National Technical Leader, Planning

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  • Dr Philip Towler
    Dr Philip Towler

    National Technical Leader, Environmental Investigations and Auditing

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  • Brett McLennan
    Brett McLennan

    National Technical Leader, Environmental Approvals

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  • Dr Douglas Weatherill
    Dr Douglas Weatherill

    National Technical Leader, Groundwater Modelling

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  • Pamela Kottaras
    Pamela Kottaras

    National Technical Leader, Heritage

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  • Antony Edenhofner
    Antony Edenhofner

    National Technical Leader, GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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  • Katie Diver
    Katie Diver

    National Technical Leader, Ecology

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  • John Ross
    John Ross

    National Technical Leader, Hydrogeology

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  • Scott Fishwick
    Scott Fishwick

    National Technical Leader, Air Quality

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